Mr Dog’s Christmas At The Hollow Tree Inn Review

Written in 1898 by American author Albert Bigelow Paine, the classic children’s tale has been out of print for decades. Now, over a century later, publisher Betsy Cordes and award-winning illustrator Adam McCauley have collaborated to republish an elegant edition that features over 30 richly detailed illustrations.
Meet the mischievous but kind-hearted Mr. Dog: a worldly raconteur who delights in telling tales of Santa Claus’s visits to Mr. Man’s house. His friends at the Hollow Tree Inn—Mr. Crow, Mr. ‘Coon, and Mr. Possum—have never heard of Santa Claus. They’re mesmerized by Mr. Dog’s descriptions of the jolly old man and, naturally, they’d like to entice Santa to the Hollow Tree. So Mr. Dog decides to play along. His generosity, creativity and careful planning result in a joyous celebration for all, capturing the essence of Christmas as a time for love and giving.
I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My boys love to read as do I. It’s a great past time that I love to share with them. Having them love reading as much as I do makes creating holiday traditions, like reading Christmas stories together, even more special for us. They love to take turns reading and looking at the pictures in this special Christmas story.
Reading about Mr. Dog telling his friends about Santa for the first time is like hearing the story ourselves for the first time. The story telling is engaging and keeps their interest over and over. The illustrations are beautiful and add so much to the story telling in this book. Mr. Dog creates a beautiful experience for his friends for Christmas. There is a great lesson in giving and receiving also.
Myself and our boys loved this book, and it will definitely become part of our tradition for years to come!

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