Mastter of Muscle Core Crusher Review

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I received the Core Crusher at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My husband is a little bit over 40 now and is starting to worry about feeling and looking his age. He has been looking for some easy to use at home workout equipment to help him keep in shape, and feel better about himself. He has received a few other items from Master of Muscle and likes the brand, so he was happy to get to try this Core Crusher exercise ball. This Core Crusher comes with it’s own pump. Getting the ball inflated is a bit of a workout in itself.
Once the ball was inflated, and we convinced my kids it’s not a toy, he was excited to start using it. The Core Crusher comes with an instruction manual that gives some starter exercises. The Master of Muscle website offers more movements and full body exercises for the Core Crusher as well.
My husband has used this a few times now and says that he really feels it when he’s done. We have been really busy with the holidays, but he will definitely be using this more!
Master of Muscle offers a range of products for strength and working out. Check the out at the links below!

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