Magformers Magnets In Motion Review

Here at MAGFORMERS® we believe it is vital for children to develop through creative play. With our patented ‘always attracting’ magnetic technology we deliver a unique constructional play experience. 
MAGFORMERS® has multiple geometric shapes and accessories which allow for higher, stronger building. With such a wide variety of shapes and colors we offer endless combinations which lead children’s imagination and creativity to new heights. 
Our product construction and high quality finish lead to long lasting play experiences that let children’s imaginations run wild at every play time.

We received the Magformers Magnets In Motion 37 piece Gear Set at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
These Magformers sets make building and creating easy and fun for even the littlest hands. My sons both have some motor skill problems and sometimes have trouble with small pieces. The Magnets in Motion set is the perfect set for my 8 and 10 year old. The pieces work together with or without the gears. There is no limit except their imagination when it comes to what they can create.
This set works independently or as an add on to other sets. The sets all intertwine and work together. These sets are great for the youngest to the oldest hands. I was looking at what was included and messing around with the pieces and before I knew it I had been engrossed for almost an hour! The bright colors and shapes are engaging.
This is a great creative play item for all ages and skill sets! 

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