Luca + Danni Jewelry Review

Luca + Danni creates handcrafted beautiful jewelry – from bangles to pearls to antique glass – and they have a sweet story. After losing his brother to leukemia in 2013, Fred Magnanimi carried on his brother’s dream of creating a unique, American made line of inspirational jewelry that tell a story. The fashionista in your life will be thrilled to find one of these in her stocking! Plus – they sell for $32 or less!
I received a bangle from the #arrow Collection at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I love jewelry. Bracelets are my favorite jewelry right now because they are so easy to show off. I am especially partial to jewelry that has inspirational messages like this #arrow bangle. This bangle is beautiful, and very nice quality. It’s easy for me to put on and take off one handed. It’s not too bulky or heavy so it doesn’t get in the way at work when I’m typing. The message is eye catching, and I get a lot of comments on this when I wear it. I have really tiny wrists so not every kind of bracelet, and especially bangles, is comfortable. This bangle from Luca + Danni is light in weight, thin metal, and I barely know I’m wearing it. There are so many messages to choose from in this collection, and they have many other designs to choose from!

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