LaBosh Coffee Body Scrub Review

LaBosh is a line of Natural & Vegan body care as well as limited edition fashion accessories. 
We love giving back and helping other women! We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to the A21 non-profit organization. A21 helps women that have been sold into human trafficking be reunited with their families and loved ones. 
I received a jar of the Coffee Body Scrub at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I have very sensitive skin and have to be pretty careful about what products I use. I’m also sensitive to some scents. This Coffee Body Scrub from LaBosh is amazing. I love the smell. It smells like coffee, but not so strong that people will think I poured a cup on myself. It really does make my skin feel amazing also. My skin is really soft and I don’t have as many dry and itchy spots as I did before using this.
I don’t need to use very much to get these awesome results, so this jar will last quite a while. My husband, who normally will not even touch my bath and skin care products also uses and likes this scrub. This scrub makes our skin feel softer and cleaner than some of the body washes and soaps we normally use. This is a product we will definitely buy again!

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