Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why Review

Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why will take kids and adults on a journey through the animal kingdom with Hanna. The 176-page, hardcover children’s book is organized by habitat—deserts, grasslands, forests, rainforests, the ocean and poles—and in addition to answering the critter questions children love to ask, it features close-up color photographs, illustrations and amazing facts and quizzes about creatures from around the world. 
We received Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My boys are 8 and 10 and watch Jack Hanna’s show every Saturday morning without fail. They are obsessed with animals and every fact they can get their hands on about animals. They are so inquisitive and soak up knowledge like little sponges. I try to make sure I do everything I can to facilitate them learning as much as their little brains can handle.
This Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why is absolutely perfect for them. Big, bright and true pictures of all the different animals they love, combined with as many facts as they can cram in their little heads. The book is hardcover so it will stand up to the thousands of uses they will put it to.
Along with the pictures and facts this book includes questions and answers, quizzes and fast facts about the animals. The boys get even more excited to watch Jack Hanna on Saturdays. They get this book out and go looking for the animals he is showcasing in the book.
They love this book, and their interest in animals and learning about them has increased since they have had it. Get the book at the links below!

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