Goodnight Lad Book & App Review

Goodnight Lad: Explore Hidden Worlds through Augmented Reality.
Goodnight Lad is a magical new take on traditional children’s books.
With a combination of technology and reading this book literally pops
off the page. Watch the characters dance and play right before your
We received a copy of the book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


This is one of the coolest book & app combinations I have come across in a while. My son is 10 and he’s autistic. He’s a little old for this book maybe, but that doesn’t stop him from being absolutely fascinated by this! This is the first time he has been able to see a story book actually come alive on the pages. The animations are cute and engaging and the story itself is rhyming which really catches his attention. Logan does finally fall asleep at the end of the book, and sometimes my son even settles down to rest after reading this. This board book is sturdy so he can carry it around with his, and it will hold up to a lot of use from him and his brother.

If you are looking for an amazing bedtime book and routine for your little one this is it!

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