Empower Fitness Wrist Wallet Review

Empower Fitness offers a realistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating fitness, nutrition, and wellness expertise, Empower motivates and inspires women to be active, healthy, and strong.
I received the Ultra Reflective Wrist Wallet in Black at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I have a lot, and I do mean a lot, of purses and wallets in my collection in my closet. I am always looking for the next new and unique design. The Wrist Wallet I received from Empower Fitness is the first of this kind of wallet I have had. This wrist wallet is so convenient to use for little items when I don’t need my purse. I use this at work to keep my cash and debit card on me for snacks. I also use this when I want to walk up to the little store up the road for soda or snacks. I can put my debit card, ID, change, house key and even a chap stick in this if I want. Everything stays securely inside with the velcro closure on each side. I have very small wrists and the stretchy fabric fits snugly and stays in place.
This wrist wallet comes in Black and Teal colors. The fabric is woven with ultra reflective threads for safety. If you use this at night you can be seen quite far away. Not only is this fashionable, but it’s a great safety item for walkers and runners! This wrist wallet is machine washable, and retains it’s fit even after being washed.
Empower Fitness offers several different kinds of workout wear with the reflective fabric. Check out all the different items at the links below!

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