Deckopedia Review

Deckopedia is a new way to display interesting and reliable information on a series of decks of cards to have at your fingertips on several exciting lifestyle topics. It can be a wonderful gift or can help you diversify your book collection.
I received the 50 Road Trip Games deck at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Oh, no. You’re hearing the dreaded “Are we there yet?” Luckily, you’ve brought along Deckopedia’s 50 Road Trip Games: Challenging Fun for a Memorable Journey.
This handy deck includes 50 games to help the miles fly by faster and the memories stack up. Each card lets you know the rules of the game, and materials, if any, that might be needed, such as a notebook and pen.
You’ll find a variety of games for ages 3 and up, including:
– Stimulating Brain Games
– Cherished Classics
– Quirky Just For Fun cards
– Pop Culture Quizzes
They say that getting there is half the fun, but when you’re taking a road trip, getting there IS the fun.
We moved from PA to FL 3 years ago and the road trip to get down here was killer! We packed everything we could think of to entertain our boys. It didn’t take very long for them to get bored though. I wish we had had this 50 Road Trip Games on that trip. This is an easy to carry, easy to use and fun way to keep boredom at bay in the car on long trips. We travel a little more down here than we did up north, so this has really come in handy. Besides car trips this is handy for long waits at appointments and lazy weekends at home too. Since we have had this deck I have not heard the bored word as much in our house or in the car. The games are easy to understand, easy to play and really fun!
Deckopedia also offers other great titles like
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