Country Store Book Review

Singing a happy refrain, a boy with a nickel and his faithful dog set off for the Country Store. They are soon joined by two more pals and a simple trek turns into an epic adventure. Through twists, turns and hair-raising surprises, the boy reaches his final destination. Surrounded by his friends, he discovers it was all about the journey.

We received a copy of Country Store at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My boys love reading, and they love music. The Country Store combines both of these loves. The storybook is colorful and funny, and the music on the CD makes the story even more engaging.  The illustrations are funny and whimsical and the boys adventures made my boys laugh out loud through the whole book. The music is fun and catchy and my boys listen to it over and over. This has quickly become a new favorite in our house and I am OK with that!
About the Author
Tim Noah is an Emmy award winning songwriter and producer, nationally acclaimed recording artist and star of stage and screen. He has appeared on HBO, The Disney Channel and the BBC. His musical journey has taken him to the high Himalayan villages of Ladakh, India and to Lincoln Center in New York. His captivating performances touch the hearts and minds of all ages and inspire them to dream.

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