Children’s Holiday Book Review

We received several children’s holiday books from Schiffer Publishing at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My boys love to read, and we love to read together. They were very excited to get these new books to add to their collection. They gifted The Lollipop Monsters and the matching character to our little neighbor girl and she absolutely loved the book and the stuffed monster. We set aside The Visit and read that together as a family Christmas Eve. The boys loved it, and so did we. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is engaging and sweet. We will definitely be keeping this as a tradition for years to come.
Santa Claws and Have an Abominably Good Day are cute stories for independent reading or reading together. The stories are funny and the illustrations are cute and colorful. The accompanying snowman has been keeping my 8 year old company now at night. These books were a great addition to their growing story book collection. Check out the selection that Schiffer offers at the links below!

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