Chef Tony Stuffed Meatloaf Pan Review & Giveaway

Love Cooking Company is pleased to partner with Chef Tony Notaro to bring you Chef Tony’s Healthy Baking Line, a collection of time-saving cooking tools that promote healthy, easy cooking. Each piece in this collection has been thoughtfully crafted to help you cook hearty meals without the help of an outdoor grill or the grease that traditional cookware leaves behind. Whether you’re a pseudo-gourmet chef or a cooking novice, you can make healthier, restaurant-worthy meals thanks to Love Cooking Company and Chef Tony.
I received the Stuffed Meatloaf Pan at no cost in exchange for an honest review
My husband loves to cook, and one of his signature meals is meatloaf. He has seen some recipes for stuffed meatloaf but hasn’t attempted it yet, until I got him this pan. He finally decided to try it out this weekend. We could not be happier with how easy this was to use, and great the meal turned out. He made a meatloaf stuffed with mac and cheese. These are two of my kids favorite meals, so this was a huge hit. 
The first thing we loved about this, besides how easy it was to put the meatloaf together, was that it keeps the meat out of the grease. I hate when all the grease pools in the bottom of the pans and then the meat sits in it. This pan makes for a healthier less greasy meatloaf. This pan is easy to clean and is non stick also, so no stuck to the bottom disasters at dinner time anymore.
You can make so many variations of meatloaf with this pan. Your imagination is the limit to what you can stuff the meatloaf with. We have already done mac and cheese, and my husband is already planning a stuffing stuffed meatloaf for dinner this week.
Easy to use, easy to clean and fun to do together at dinner time. There is nothing not to love about this pan!
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