Campbell’s Special Edition Star Wars Soups Review

Your kids will love Campbell’s® Star Wars varieties because they contain all of their favorite characters. You will love them because your kids will stay entertained. This season, discover the force of Campbell’s® and Star Wars in a supermarket near you.
We received 6 cans of the Campbell’s Star Wars soup at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We also received 2 boxes of the Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soups for the Keurig.
We received the Southwest Style Chicken and Homestyle Chicken varieties.
With all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars movie, my boys were super excited to see these soup cans from Campbell’s. They love soup and love Campbell’s because it comes in so many varieties, and different shapes for the pasta. These Star Wars soups are by far their favorite lately though. We all love Campbell’s chicken soups in our house. We are battling some cold bugs in the house these past 2 weeks, and these soups have come in handy for making us feel better.
I also really like the new  Fresh Brewed Soup for the Keurig. We have a single cup coffee brewer and these soups are quick and easy to make. They are full of flavor, just like I cooked it on the stove. My husband likes the Southwest Chicken flavor, and I love my traditional Homestyle Chicken soup. There is no mess, no dirty pans, and the same flavor and enjoyment. 

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