BFree Foods Review

BFree is a delicious range of gluten and wheat free products that have great nutritional profile and taste great!
We received a variety of BFree products in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
I love bread. All kids of bread made all kinds of ways with all kids of toppings. I am always looking for and trying new varieties. I received the pictured products. We got sliced bread, rolls, bagels, wraps and dinner rolls. We don’t have any dietary restrictions in our house but I have been trying some gluten free foods lately with my 8 year old. He has some stomach issues that don’t have answers yet, and some allergy issues. I’ve been slowly trying him on some gluten free versions of food he normally eats to see if we notice a difference.
He happily ate this bread without complaining about a difference in the taste. I loved the bagels, and my husband liked the Multi Seed bagels we got. I didn’t notice any difference between these and the other plain bagels I normally buy. My boys both liked the Soft White sandwich bread and the wraps for their snacks.We had the dinner rolls with our Thanksgiving dinner we had with friends and everyone seemed to like them. 
We haven’t heard too many complaints about belly aches with these breads, so we may be on to something with my son. The BFree breads are gluten and wheat free, and are very budget friendly also. If you are on  gluten and wheat free diet, or just want to eat healthier check out BFree! 

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