Balmshot Review

BALMSHOT lip balm is one of the most unique lip care products on the market today! BALMSHOT is a lip care product with SPF 15 and is designed to protect your lips from sunburn. Best of all BALMSHOT is the only lip balm that comes in a shotgun shell dispenser. That’s right, unlike every other lip balm on the market; our shotgun shell dispenser keeps BALMSHOT from causing a “gooey mess” in your pants pocket or purse.
I received a variety of Balmshot Lip Balm in Classic, Cool Mint and Vanilla Mint at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I have tried so many different types of lip balms and chap sticks over the years. I like the ones that have a nice flavor and really make my lips feel better. I was intrigued by the design of Balmshot. I have had many chap sticks and lip balms get ruined in my pockets. The lids come off, or it gets wound up under the cap and gets mushy and unusable. Balmshot has a unique design in that it looks like a shot gun shell. My husband loves this. Balmshot comes in 3 flavors, and one of the designs is pink for the ladies. The lid fits very tightly, so no fall offs, and no ruined Balmshot and ruined pockets, The bottom of the container that turns the lip balm up is also tight, so it doesn’t get turned easily by accident.
The lip balm itself applies smoothly, is not sticky, and lasts for quite awhile. I don’t have to reapply this a lot during the day, which means 1 Balmshot lasts a long time. Balmshot protects my lips from the sun here in Florida. My husband loves Balmshot as well. He and my boys do a lot of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and bike riding. They get a kick out of the shot gun shell appearance and like that it is not overpowering in flavor.

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