Art Therapy Collection Review

Every week, Art therapy brings you indispensable, artist-quality supplies that build up into a complete coloring set to create sensational pieces.
Each issue is complemented by pencils or markers specially selected in a full spectrum of colours to add your own creative touch to the designs. Immerse yourself in coloring and be inspired to experiment and achieve stunning results.
I received 2 of the Art Therapy magazines and some colored pencils and markers in exchange for an honest review.

I love to color. I have always loved this quiet activity, since I was a kid I have never outgrown this past time. Now that I’m a grown up I look for more grown up pictures and designs to color. I like these 2 issues I got from Art Therapy. These are more than just coloring pages. The Art Therapy issues contain not just coloring pages, but pages that offer techniques for different types of coloring and also relaxation tips.
There are different designs in every issue and new techniques and relaxation tips. You also get different colored pencils and markers with every issue. You can build up quite a collection with Art Therapy. You will never be bored with this subscription!

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