Amazing Luxury Gift Ideas For This Christmas

Christmas is a great time to spoil your loved ones. But, year after year we all struggle to think of something that will truly wow the people closest to us! Take a look at these incredible luxury gift ideas to make their Christmas a very special one this December.


Watches are an excellent gift for men or women at Christmas. While often considered quite pricey gifts, many of them can be fairly reasonable. Discount codes and coupons can help you save that little bit extra, too! For men, consider an Emporio Armani timepiece for a smart and mature finish that is suitable for nights out, family occasions and the office. If you’re buying for a woman, then they’re bound to love a beautiful Marc Jacobs watch. Consider buying a subtle rose gold coloured one, as that seems to be very ‘in’ right now.

A Ring

Rings are incredible gifts for young ladies that like their hands to feel pretty. Pandora make some gorgeous ones. These irresistible accessories come beautifully gift wrapped. They will give your loved one a luxury experience at a very reasonable cost.  If Pandora is too mainstream for your edgy recipient, then perhaps it’s worth trying an antique jewelry store for a one of a kind present.

Designer Bag

Luxury bags make women feel divine! Treat your loved one to something special like a Michael Kors Rhea Small Zip Backpack. The Pearl Gray color is exquisite and would do as a very luxurious school bag for one lucky lady! You can save a lot of money on these at a site like Neiman Marcus with some of the generous discount codes on offer at Discountrue.


If you’ve got a teenager who’s just passed their driving test, then there is no better present than their first car. Even an old banger will feel like a luxury to them! There are many great first cars that would make an excellent Christmas gift. A Toyota Prius, Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf are all relatively inexpensive options that also have the benefit of being super safe to drive.

iPad Pro

Apple’s newest and most luxurious tablet ever is now in stores! If you feel like treating your loved one this Christmas, then pick up an Apple Pencil and Keyboard Case to compliment this incredible gift. The tablet’s design is absolutely gorgeous, and the screen is incredibly crisp and vibrant. An amazing selection of apps will keep them occupied for days and days to come.

Spa Day

Rather than getting a physical present, why not get your loved one a luxurious experience instead? Often, experiences are much better appreciated as they leave a lasting memory. Spa days are remarkably relaxing and enjoyable for you both. Spa packages are easy to find online, and there are some great deals to be had. Treat them by pre-booking a massage for the day you arrive!

Christmas is a very important time for all of us so getting the right presents can really make the difference. Giving is better than receiving after all! I hope these luxury gift ideas will make your love ones feel cherished this Christmas!

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