Alsa Energy Drink Review

A new focus + energy supplement mix, is an ideal holiday gift for active adults who have it all, but are seeking an extra boost to enhance their daily routines. Introduced in 2015, Älsa is already garnering attention as a strong alternative to the market’s many energy drinks as it sets itself apart with myriad benefits through its blend of Cognizin® citicoline, which is clinically proven to provide enhanced focus and memory function; and PURENERGY®, a patented ingredient that combines caffeine and pTeroPure® pterostilbene for sustained energy. Älsa contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids L-Carnitine and Taurine, and is rich in electrolytes. The product is also gluten-free and vegan.
I received a box of Alsa Dragonfruit flavor at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I hate drinking plain water. It has never been my favorite drink. I find that I am constantly reaching for coffee and energy drinks to get through the day. Alsa is a drink mix that you add to water, and it gives you that extra boost of energy and focus. Using Alsa allows me to get my water intake, and still get an energy boost. It’s healthier than the energy drinks and coffee drinks I have been reaching for.
I received the Dragonfruit flavor to try. It dissolves almost completely with no clumps left in the water. The flavor is a bit fruity, without tasting like you are drinking a mouthful of sugar. Alsa also offers a Pomegranate Blueberry and a Three Citrus flavor so if you don’t like Dragonfruit you can find a flavor that suits you.
When I use the Alsa I notice that I do have that extra bit of energy that I need to get through the day, and I don’t feel as foggy in the afternoon like I do when I’m coming down from an energy drink high. Alsa is great tasting, and healthier alternative to Monsters and Five Hour Energys.

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