Aging In Place: A Forever Home

When we found our house, we knew that this was the home of our dreams. My husband and I stood inside of the doors with happy smiles, envisioning the sounds of happy children playing, the scurrying of tiny feet as they explored the world around them. It was one of those moments, that is nearly like being offered a glimpse into a crystal ball… we knew this was the one, this was the house we would raise a family in.

Fast forward to present day. Now the kids are growing! There is happy laughter to be heard every day! We hear little feet hitting the floor, running, dancing, playing. We see how fast they have grown in such a short time. That my mind starts to think about what happens as they get older? 
We get older too. Someday we will be elderly, God willing we live to see those days! We may have health complications or issues at some point in the future. What happens to this house,  the home we love so dearly, at that time?
When I heard about Aging in place, I stopped worrying so much. There are professionals that understand these concerns and that can help to make your home compatible with you as you age and your needs change. Knowing that our home will be a forever home makes a huge difference to me. Reassurance from learning about aging in place helps ease my concerns over the later years of my life.
From repairs to renovations, contractors that offer aging in place services will be able to help you realize your needs, how they will change and how you can adjust your home to adapt to your changing life.

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