Swig Hip Flasks Review

The SWIG® classic hip flask is the best on the market.
Unique 170ml seamless body (no risk of leaking). Made from mirrored & polished Stainless Steel. Nice and safe. Wont taint the alcohol. Every flask arrives in ribboned gift packaging.
Flasks are customisable with collectible SWIG® pouches and Engraving. Every Flask arrives with the owners unique SWIG Society membership ID engraved on it’s shoulder.
12cm (high), 9cm (wide) x 2.5cm (deep).
I received a Swig Hip Flask for my husband at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I got this Swig Hip Flask for my husband. He is not really a drinker, but has been asking for awhile for a nice flask. I wanted to get a nice, good quality flask that he would love. I hit a home run with this one. The design is sleek and compact. The flask is Stainless Steel, so it doesn’t affect the taste if the alcohol. The leather pouch is very nice also. It gives the flask a very sophisticated look and feel. This flask holds about 5 ounces (170 ml) which is just enough for someone like my husband. He likes to carry a little of his favorite rum or vodka when we go to get togethers. This flask is well loved and if you are looking for the perfect flask, this is it!

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