Skylanders Superchargers for PS3 Review

Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack includes:

1 Video Game
NEW Portal of Power®
2 Skylanders Figures
1 Skylanders Vehicle
1 Collection Poster

We received the Skylanders Superchargers for PS3 at no cost in exchange for an honest post.

My boys love to play video games. They really like the Skylanders series of games because it is so interactive, and comes with figures and vehicles. This game in the series is by far their favorite. The action is fast paced, it’s easy to follow and learn and the graphics and game play are exciting and engaging. They really like the vehicles and characters for the Superchargers game play. They have gotten through quite a few of the levels already. There are quite a few of the characters and the other vehicles they need on their Christmas wish list. This part of the series is also very budget friendly, even with purchasing some extras. This is a video game that I don’t mind watching them play, and that I actually can enjoy with them! If you haven’t gotten on the Skylanders bandwagon yet you should check it out!

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