Skinny Tie Madness Review

Your look will go from dull to JAW-DROPPING with on our finely crafted and oh-so popular products. At 2″ wide and the tie standard of 58″ long, a small piece makes a BIG statement. Ladies, this is THE gift for any guy in your life. Turn your man into a trendy piece of arm candy this holiday season. As Skinny Tie Madness likes to say, “A tie is a win for more than one person.”
We received a selection of Skinny Ties at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My husband is not a big tie wearer, but sometimes an occasion calls for a tie. He doesn’t like just plain colors, and has trouble finding and deciding on designs that fit his personality. When he saw these designs from Skinny Tie Madness, he finally found something he liked and would wear willingly. As you can see, he especially likes the skull and crossbones design, and loves that there are 4 different designs with that on them. The anchor design is a little more low key, and he loves the bright red color of the tie. These designs and colors can go with the casual to the formal easily. The skinny ties are even small enough that my 10 year old son can wear them and look adorable. The quality of the fabric and the stitching of the designs is top notch. We will definitely be looking at Skinny Tie Madness for any tie needs!

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