Most Absurd Lawsuits

Everywhere you look in the news these days someone is suing someone for something. Sometimes the lawsuit make sense, and you shake your head yes and agree, and other times all you can do is shake your head side to side and chuckle.
I am a big fan of Bill Engvall and I love his “Here’s Your Sign” routine. It is so funny because you most likely know at least one person in your life who has done, or would do some of the things in the comedy routine. The best part is that they would then blame the company or product.
There are hundreds if not thousands of frivolous lawsuits filed every year. There are reform efforts being made, but that doesn’t stop the lawsuits from piling up for the judges and lawyers. The lawyers make money, and in some cases the judges time gets wasted 
There is, of course. the lady who sued McDonald’s when she spilled her hot coffee in her lap. There are also the slip and falls that aren’t quite legitimate. 
Some other well known frivolous lawsuits:
Two men sued a chemical adhesive company because it caught fire inside the house. There were numerous warning labels on the product stating that it was not to be used indoors. Surprisingly though. the men won to the tune of eight million dollars!
The owner of a bar set up traps to deter burglars. Unfortunately one of those traps killed a burglar when he attempted to enter the bar through the window one night. The family of the burglar was awarded $150,000 for their family members death.
A woman went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and then sued for emotional distress, mental anguish and extreme fear. She was awarded $15,000 for her suffering.
You can read more details about these and many other frivolous lawsuits on this website!

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