Master of Muscle Gripinator Review

At Master Of Muscle we are passionate helping you be your best self through bodybuilding, fitness training and Health Tips.

I received the Gripinator Grip Strengthener at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

This Gripinator is a great item for workouts, and for strengthening hand, wrist and fingers. My husband uses this for a workout for his hands and wrist, to keep his hands and grip strong. He works on cars and has to be able to lift some bigger parts and use his tools efficiently. I have some weakness in my hands and wrists, so I use this to build up my strength so I can continue to do everyday tasks that I’ve been struggling with lately. This Gripinator has 4 levels of adjustable resistance. My husband can adjust it to a higher setting for his needs, and I can start out slower with less resistance. I have had several injuries to my right hand and wrist, fractures and sprains, so this is great to help me keep my hand strong and reduce pain from simple tasks.
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