Little Tikes Toy Review

Little Tikes is known for its playful, engaging, iconic products that children love and parents respect the world over.
I received 2 items from Little Tikes at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Peanut Big Top is a fun, super silly doll who magically dances along with you!
Wear the magical bow and Peanut will recognize your movement!
Peanut will mimic your dance speed – Get silly, she will too!
Peanut teaches you the Super Silly Party dance, step-by-step!
Play freeze dance with Peanut!
This bouncy train has unique tracks that allow it to move in the zaniest and wackiest ways. Watch as the 3D track moves across the floor, then changes direction, as little ones giggle and give chase! 
My Reviews

Tumble Train– This was a huge hit! The Tumble Train is sturdy enough for the roughest play from little hands. The train tracks are easy to put together, and the train moves very fast on the tracks. This is entertaining for all ages it seems. Even my older boys were laughing and getting a big kick out of seeing these tracks roll, and the train reversing directions. The tracks bump obstacles, and immediately change direction and keep on moving. This Tumble Train will work in small or large areas, and on carpeted or hard floors. It seems there is never any boredom with this toy either! My kids and my friends kids love this train!
Peanut Big Top– This Lalaloopsy doll was a gift for our little neighbor girl. She is super cute with red hair, so of course we call her Red. Red is 4, and a non stop whirlwind of motion and sound. This was a perfect doll companion for her. Not only does she love Lalaloopsy, but this particular doll moves almost as much as she does. Peanut Big Top sings, dances, and the bow spins. Peanut mimics Reds movements and dancing. The songs are cute, if not a bit repetitive, and she says several phrases also. This was a big hit! 

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