Kidz Bop 30 Review

KIDZ BOP records kid-friendly versions of today’s biggest pop music hits.
Bad Blood
Hey Mama
Worth It
Fight Song
Where Are You Now
Lean On
Uma Thurman
You Know You Like It
I Don’t Like It, I Love It
Elastic Heart
Watch Me
Make Some Noise

Our Review
My boys love music and they love to sing along. They like the newer music on the radio, but I’m not always happy with the lyrics in the music, and hearing them repeat them at the tops of their lungs. Kidz Bop 30 has some of their newest favorite tunes on it and they have been listening to it non stop for over a week now. We put it in the car when we go anywhere. This past Sunday we played the Kids Bop while we had company over for my 8 year olds birthday party.  Kidz Bop is a great way to keep kids interested in music without having to limit them from listening to their favorite music!

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