Fat Hair Review

Fat Hair’s new Advanced Repair Formula products now combine hair repair and damage protection, with your everyday hair care routine. These exclusive, amplifying formulas contain a blend of protein, botanical extract, inositol, taurine, avocado and olive oil to volumize and repair limp damaged hair for fuller, shinier, healthier hair.
I received the Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Hair Spray and Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
There are rarely adequate words to describe my crazy, thick, tangled, sometimes curly hair. My hair makes me crazy, it makes me yell, and it has made me cry on occasion. It takes quite a bit of time most mornings to tame the beast.  I received these two products from Fat Hair to try. It would probably take some form of magic to completely tame my hair, but these Fat Hair products come very close to making it happen. The Blow Dry Spray helps when I take the time to dry my hair, or if I want to straighten it (which usually means HUSBAND straightens it). The Blow Dry Spray helps tame my hair, and protect it from the heat of the blow dryer or straightener. It smells great, and is not sticky or tacky in my hair.
The Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Hair Spray is another amazing product. Some mornings I don’t have the time or the want to dry or straighten my hair, so I go for the spray and scrunch look. This hair spray works great to keep my locks under control. I just spray, scrunch and go. The hairspray controls frizz and fly away so I can actually leave my hair down and be comfortable.
I am very happy with these Fat Hair products and highly recommend them! I will be looking to see what other products they carry too!

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