EZ PZ Baking Kits Review & Giveaway

Cake Mix Kits for little bakers who have outgrown the light bulb oven!

We received the Wacky Watermelon Bindt Cake Kit, Bundt Cake Pan, Set of Mixing Bowls and Baking Tools/Set of 3Child’s Oven Mitts.

We had so much fun with this EZ PZ Baking Kit! The utensils are the perfect size for small hands and the kit came with everything we needed. The mixing bowls, oven mitts, and the spoon, spatula, brush and little measuring spoons are really good quality and can be used over and over for other baking projects as well. All we had to add to the mix was water, no other ingredients needed. This Watermelon bundt cake cooked up exactly as the picture showed and the directions said it would. My boys and the little girl next door were excited to help with this, and took turns helping me mix, stir and ice the cake. They barely let it cool before they were begging to try it. This little cake tastes pretty good and we all enjoyed our little piece! We will definitely be checking out the other mixes EZ PZ has to offer!

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  1. My stepdaughter really likes helping cook/bake. I'm not sure what I'd say her favorite is, but perhaps Deviled Eggs (loves them) or brownies!

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