Emjoi Micro Nail Review

Emjoi is firmly dedicated to making the little details of life and personal care, as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible; to adding pleasure and beauty to life in everything we do, from the way we look to how we feel and the very air we breathe; to finding innovative solutions that streamline the way we do things, and to harnessing the latest technologies in the service of enhancing our personal appearance and the quality of our lives. Products that make you look and feel better – Technology that gets personal These are far more than just catch-phrases and slogans. They reflect the true motivating inspiration behind Emjoi, a dynamic and leading-edge company dedicated to creating innovative high-end personal care products that enhance the lives of people everywhere.

I received the Micro-Nailâ„¢ at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I have gel nails right now but was still excited to get this item from Emjoi. After the gels have been on for about a week my cuticles start to get a bit rough around the edges from them starting to grow out. I was looking for a tool that would smooth the edges, without ruining the hard work of my nail tech. This Micro Nail tool fits that bill perfectly. I can smooth any rough edges, my cuticles, and even clean a little on the underneath of the nail, all without ruining the integrity of the gel nail. The Micro Nail also helps with keeping that bright shine on my nail between fills.
This Micro Nail works great on my toe nails as well. Since I live in FL I wear flip flops almost year round. It wouldn’t do to have pretty nails on my hands, and then have my feet look like they get no love. This Micro Nail is easy to use and the results are immediate and noticeable. 

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