Das Boom Body Brick Review

Mac and cheese, scotch and soda—some things are better together. That’s the idea behind this sponge, which is pre-infused with a nourishing body wash—no added soap required. Use like a loofah, minus the soap: Just get it wet, lather up, and scrub from head to toe. The sponge is made of a unique material that absorbs oil, but repels water, allowing it to hold a colossal amount of soap while avoiding the risk of mildew. With continued use, soap will begin to fall out of the brick—this is an intended effect to unlock the additional soap inside. To bring more soap to the surface, simply give the brick a good squeeze. To extend the life of your brick, rip it in half after a few weeks of use.
Crisp, bright, and spicy, Kyoto blends Japanese yuzu and shiso leaf with saffron.
I received a Kyoto scented Das Boom Body Brick at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I received this Body Brick for my husband to review. He loved the scent when he opened it. It’s a nice smell that’s not too strong and definitely cannot be mistaken for being “girly”.This body brick is a one step, convenient sponge for him. There is no need for extra washcloths and bottles of body wash. The soap in the sponges lasts quite a while and you can extend it’s use by cutting it in half. My husband uses one of the ones we received and my boys split the other one, because of course they can’t share. This body brick is exfoliating, and the soap inside leaves my husband’s and son’s skin feeling soft and clean.

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