Aoede’s Do You Believe in Magic Review

I received Aoede’s new CD to review in exchange for my honest review
“Do You Believe In Magic?” (DYBIM) is a brilliant, inventive alternative Rock Opera Musical for tweens & all “kids at heart” who resonate with the fantasy genre (think Into The Woods, Once Upon A Time & Harry Potter). Creator Lisa Sniderman does not disappoint! This musical masterpiece takes listeners on a spellbinding journey to the cursed kingdom of Wonderhaven where a muse (Aoede) has a secret & enchanted books & witches break into song! Audiences will embrace the colorful characters, the compelling story, the infectious songs, danceable duets, narration & full musical score.

My Review

My boys love all kinds of music. I like to expose them to the alternative, non rock and pop music as much as I can to expand their horizons a little bit. They have a few other Aoede cd’s and have come to love the music, the characters and the fun in the stories of these collections. The music is fun and infectious and stays in your head all day. I love all fairy tales and I love that my boys share that love also. The narration really brings the story in the music together The boys and their friends dance and play to it and seem to really enjoy it!

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