Wrapurse Review

Wrapurse™ is quick and easy way to protect your purse when in life’s sticky situations: movie theaters, baseball fields, doctors offices and bathroom floors. Wrap it right with Wrapurse!
• Convienient: Wrapurse™ folds into a small, lightweight case so it can go where you go. 
• Versatile: Wrapurse comes in four sizes to fit most purse, tote and diaper bag styles. 
• Reusable: Just wipe and Wrapurse is ready to use again and again. It even comes with its own carrying case.
• Protective: Wrapurse keeps your purse good-looking, clean, dry and germ-free.
I received a Wrapurse in Merlot at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


I own a lot of purses, and when I say a lot I really do mean a lot. I have purses in many many colors, shapes and sizes. This Wrapurse is the coolest purse accessory I’ve seen in a long time. One thing that really bothers me is when we go out somewhere and there is no where to set it down without risking dirt and yuk to the purse. I am a little OCD about my purses, I don’t like them to get dirty and smudged. The Wrapurse takes care of that for me. I put the Wrapurse on the bottom of my purse and it protects it from dirt, moisture, bugs and smudges. I can set my purse down and be comfortable, and not have to worry about what might be happening to the bottom of my beloved bags. You can the Wrapurse in several sizes and colors to accommodate all the different sizes and colors of bags you own.

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