The Fabric of Humanity Review

The Fabric of Humanity goes beyond the idea of fair trade for the apparel industry and instead they have created Wearable Philanthropy. What is Wearable Philanthropy? It is the revolutionary way that The Fabric of Humanity is empowering not only the makers of their clothing, but their communities as well.
Specific contribution amounts are listed on the price tag of each item from The Fabric of Humanity, so customers will know exactly how much of their purchase goes to helping various community projects. Customers will then vote on projects to watch their purchases translate to changed lives. Funding doesn’t stop after the first project on the list. Contributions are added to a fund for a number of months, and The Fabric of Humanity will fund every project that they can afford with the money raised. This approach is a grassroots way to making a difference, as the projects come directly from the community. The Fabric of Humanity is helping to write a new story for the people who are often the most affected by poverty—those working in the apparel industry.
I received one of the t-shirts from The Fabric of Humanity at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
The Fabric of Humanity is all about giving back. I love their concept of helping those in need.  I love the shirt I received, the quality is fantastic and it’s very soft.  The best part is knowing that they are aiding the community where the shirt was made. Because of this I will proudly wear my shirt and spread the word about this amazing organization!
The Fabric of Humanity has met their Kickstarter goal! Check out the page and the items HERE

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