L’eggs Energy Tights Collection Review

L’eggs is a legwear brand all about celebrating, inspiring and encouraging women to be the absolute best they can be.
From silky sheers and casual tights to a variety of shapewear options, all the L’eggs collections shine a spotlight on an often-overlooked feature in a women’s arsenal–her legs.
I received three of the L’eggs Energy Collection products at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I got the Opaque Tights, Opaque Footless Tight and the 2-Pack of Trouser Socks.

Looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you need to add to
the outfits you wear to work, out on the town or maybe just a last
minute addition to your Halloween costume, L’eggs offers affordable
Legwear that can add that little something  to any outfit.
got to try 3 L’eggs products to find a good match for my costume this
year, but what I found were 3 products I could wear to work, out and
about and for Halloween.
The L’eggs Sheer Energy Opaque
Tights in black are perfect for wearing with my favorite skirt. They
fit comfortably. I would almost forget I am wearing them, except they
look too good to forget!
The L’eggs Sheer Energy Opaque
Footless Black Tights are my favorite legwear ever. These are perfect
for my costume, I can add them to my everyday outfits and they are
priced under $8! As a lady that likes to look good but doesn’t want to
spend a fortune, I am thrilled with the price, the value, and the style!
doesn’t need a great pair of trouser socks now that fall is here? The
L’eggs Sheer Energy Trouser Sock comes in a 2 pair pack. These are great
with skirts or dresses, or with slacks. They fit wonderfully to a spot
below the knee.
L’eggs is a Hanes Brand. HanesBrands is
a socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday
basic apparel under some of the world’s strongest apparel brands.
These products are available online and at major retailers.

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