iCoffee Opus Review

Our iCoffee SteamBrew™ extraction technology ensures that the bitter, acidic flavor produced by conventional brewing is a thing of the past.

We received an iCoffee Opus at no cost in exchange for an honest review

I am very addicted to my coffee and tea. I don’t like to waste coffee or tea, so I love this new Opus from iCoffee. I can brew myself the perfect cup of coffee without having to waste half a pot because no one else wants any. I’ve had the other brand of single cup brewers before, but this one has really impressed me. I doubt I would go to any other brand now. The iCoffee SteamBrew technology makes even the strongest brew of coffee taste smooth. The Opus came with a reusable iCup also, so I can buy the cans or bags of coffee that I love, and still make a single cup. The iCup also allows me to make the perfect cup of my favorite loose leaf tea. There is just so much to love about this machine! If you are a coffee or tea lover you really need to try the iCoffee SteamBrew taste!

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