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Take a Tour of Filming Locations in Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina, is such a popular choices for films and television shows today that it calls itself Hollywood of the East. The trend started with the hit WB show Dawson’s Creek, which filmed many of its scenes in the city. Even the actors on the show kept homes in Wilmington, and one of the buildings created by the show’s producers is now a popular restaurant. Take a look at some of the filming locations you can actually visit before booking a stay with Bluegreen Resorts or your favorite travel company.

Dawson’s Creek Locations

The Dockside Restaurant existed long before Dawson’s Creek, but this restaurant gained a new legion of fans after appearing on the show as The Icehouse, a restaurant where lead character Joey worked. After grabbing a bite to eat, visit Hell’s Kitchen for a drink. Joey and her friends spent multiple episodes working and partying in the fictional restaurant, which is now a real live restaurant. Other filming locations you can visit in person include the Historic New Hanover Courthouse, Cape Fear Community College, Riverfront Park and Riverboat Landing.

One Tree Hill Sites

One Tree Hill aired on television at the same time as Dawson’s Creek and shared many of the same filming locations too. The show, which told the story of two brothers born to the same father but different mothers, ran for 10 seasons. Outdoor Equipped is a specialty shop in town that served as the set for Karen’s Cafe and Clothes Over Bros during the show’s run. You can also check out Graystone Inn, which served as an apartment during a later season and a funeral home. Other popular sites include the Black Cat Shoppe, Kabob Grill & Cafe and the Wilmington Convention Center.

EUE/Screen Gems Studios

In addition to television shows, Wilmington is also home to a number of locations used in popular films. Some of those films worked with EUE/Screen Gems Studios to transform studio space into new worlds. Iron Man 3 filmed many of its top action scenes in the studio, and fans came out in droves to see Robert Downy Jr., Don Cheadle and other actors. Before you visit Wilmington, contact the studio and ask about taking a tour. Tours are usually available when the studio is free and not filming, but you may have the chance to sign up as an extra and appear on a film or show shot in the studio.

Film Locations

The Fort Fisher State Recreation Area served a major role in the film Safe Haven, which also shot a few scenes at the Wilmington Convention Center. The Longest Ride, another film based on a book by author Nicholas Sparks, shot at multiple locations around town, including the Cameron Art Museum, which appeared in a pivotal point in the film. You may also want to head down to Dock Street to see some of the filming locations used in the movie Max Steel.

In addition to these filming locations, you can also see buildings, parks and areas used in films and on shows like We’re the Millers, Under the Dome, The Conjuring and Sleepy Hollow. Whether you book a tour with a local company or create a tour of your own, you can see where some of your favorite shows and films shot scenes in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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