25 Careers You Never Knew Existed

Career Day has become an international phenomena that excites children everywhere! Proud parents take their children to work, allowing them to job shadow Moms or Dads. 25 CAREERS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED is a charming book that will enchant children and intrigue adults as they are introduced to a host of unique careers. Teachers everywhere agree that this book by far is an amazing tool to use in classroom and as part of career day. From Ice Cream Taster to Video Game Tester — there is something for everyone! Get your copy today and open a new world of opportunity for your child’s awesome future! 
We received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My little boys are at that age where they are always changing what they want to be when they grow up. Some days it’s astronauts and police officers, other days it’s cowboys and forest rangers. They were very excited to look at this book when it arrived. They were fascinated by all the different jobs out there that they didn’t even know about. My 10 year old is very into video games and computers, so was especially enthralled with the page about the Video Game Tester. He’s very electronically inclined and loves to learn how things work. My 7 year old was of course fascinated by the Ice Cream Taster page. He is an ice cream aficionado. This book is great for showing kids what kinds of jobs are out there, and what they can aspire to be. The descriptions are short and sweet so kids can understand and stay engaged. The pictures are also colorful and eye catching. This book is a big hit with my boys! Check it out further at the links below!

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