Twinkle Treat Basket Review and Giveaway

Twinkle Treat Basket is an interactive candy carrier for Halloween that has motion and vibration-activated lighting and sound displays. This unique design not only enhances the carrier’s costumed appearance but also increases the visibility of the user by making them extremely noticeable to drivers and others during this nighttime event.
We received 2 Twinkle Treat Baskets at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Halloween is one of our absolute favorite holidays in our house. The boys get really excited to pick out their costumes and then go Trick or Treating to get candy and show off their costumes. Over the past couple years we have used all kinds of bags and different buckets for them to collect their candy. None of those bags or buckets have been as unique or fun as these Twinkle Treat baskets though. My boys were so excited when these arrived. These are not only really fun to carry and collect candy in, they are also a great safety item for Halloween night.

These Twinkle Treat baskets light up with motion and/or vibration so they stay constantly lit while the kiddos are walking. When you drop candy in them they talk too! What kid wouldn’t love that. These baskets are nice and big too so the kids can carry a nice big haul of treats in them.

About the Development of the Product:

The idea for the Twinkle Treat Basket came about from a near tragedy while driving home on a dark Halloween night in 2011. Its creator narrowly missed hitting a trick-or- treating child who was walking on the road side in the dark. This incident had shaken her so much that it inspired her to create the Twinkle Treat Basket concept. Her design idea would help make treat-or–treating children more visible to drivers. The creator was able to get her idea off of the ground with the help of Inventor Process, a company that is a resource for inventors who need guidance through all the legalities, deal-making, manufacturing, operational and marketing challenges. If you have an innovative idea, you can learn more about Inventor Process by visiting
1 lucky winner can win 2 Twinkle Treat Baskets!

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