The Mill Fudge Factory Fudge Review

Chosen as one of the Top 5 Fudge companies in America by “Cooking with Paula Deen” Magazine, The Mill Fudge Factory handcrafts New Hampshire’s Best fudge with only the finest natural ingredients.

A family-operated business located in the Newfound Lake Region of NH in a 1767 grist mill. Just 2.5 miles South of Newfound Lake, the Fudge Factory and Cafe is a popular destination for area visitors! 

We received two quarter pound samples of fudge at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
I love fudge. I like all the different varieties and flavorings that fudge can be made with especially. My husband is the cook and baker in the house, and he likes to make his famous peanut butter fudge, but we haven’t ventured for any other flavors yet. I was excited to get to review this Mill Fudge Factory fudge. They sent two different delicious flavors for us to try. My husband immediately had to try the Cabin Fever because of the Maple Whiskey flavoring. He liked it, so much that I only got a very small piece. The fudge is very rich, and the flavor is amazing. A very small piece will tame even the largest craving for sweet. The Belgian Chocolate fudge was also delicious, and I quickly claimed, and hid it from everyone else. The fudge is sweet, smooth and rich. It’s a decadent treat that goes well with anything, and also makes a great gift for special occasions and holidays!
Use code JENN5 to get $5 off a minimum order of $10.  It expires 10/31/15.

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