Republic of Pigtails Review

Republic of Pigtails is a collection of handmade hair accessories. The business was inspired by the owner’s little toddler and her friends… as well as their mothers, who also love to look fabulous.
I received the Alli Headband at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I have little boys so I don’t get much opportunity to do really girly things like dress up and they have no hair most of the year, so no hair styling either. Then this gorgeous little red head moved in next door and stole all our hearts. When I was asked to review for Republic of Pigtails, I knew she would love whatever I got. I received this beautiful Alli Headband, and I was right, she loved it. The headband itself is comfortable on her head and does not bother her. The bow is attached tightly, so will not fall off or come apart, even when she is playing and running around with my boys. The color is neutral so she can wear it with any of her favorite outfits and it looks great. This headband comes in other colors also, and Republic of Pigtails has a lot of other cute designs to choose from.
Check out the links below and find your next favorite hair accessory!

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