Really Cool Coffee Review

 Up until now, the cold brew process has been a real pain in the A#@%!

Really Cool Coffee is the result of wanting simplicity. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process. Our team has developed the perfect grind for cold brew and we’ve developed the perfect bag that will give you the best flavor possible but won’t degrade and leave grinds in your coffee. OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS, if you want options, our formulation and proprietary bags fit almost any traditional filter coffee machine and can also be hot brewed – giving you the best of both worlds. How’s that for letting you have your coffee the way you want it!

I really love my coffee. Sometimes in the summer I don’t want hot coffee, so I try to make cold coffee. Sometimes it turns out ok, and sometimes I miss the mark. I either make it too weak, or way too strong. I wind up spending a lot of money on iced coffee at fast food places and Starbucks. I was eager to try the Really Cool Coffee and see how it turned out. The directions are easy and it’s perfect flavor every time. These can also be hot brewed so if I run out of coffee I can just use one of these bags and still get my morning hot cup of coffee.
These are a great way to make iced coffee without having to get out the coffee pot and make a mess with grounds, and then cleaning the machine. You can use any 1 gallon container to make the iced coffee. This turned out really good, and we were able to flavor with milk sugar, creamer and anything else we usually use in hot coffee. If you are a coffee lover, and you like iced coffee you definitely need this product!

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