Moodies Silicone Color-Changing Lightbulb Cover Review & Giveaway

Moodies™ are the only silicone color-changing lightbulb cover on the market. Turn any CFL or LED light into a mood light. Made from the same heat-safe silicone used in oven mitts or bakeware, Moodies are safe to use on any CFL or LED light.
We received a variety of Moodies to try at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I love this awesome new product! Moodies are heat safe silicone bulb covers for LED bulbs. Moodies make mood lighting easy and so fun. I have two little boys who love stuff like this. They have used the blue, green and yellow in their room so far. I love that these are durable and re usable also, so they can change it up anytime they want with no hassle. These are stretchable silicone so you can use these on a few different shape bulbs in any room. You can use these for dimming kids room lights, for parties, or just to have unique lighting in your house. There are a lot of different colors available so you can set the mood for any day, party. event or reason you desire. Moodies are also very affordable for the budget conscious, so you don’t have to break the bank to have fun! 
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