Kobert Phone Case Review

Kobert International sells premium quality mobile accessories mainly on Amazon.com.
I received one of the Waterproof Case and one Exercise Arm Band at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

We are a cell phone centered family. It’s just the way it seems to go with all the technology available now. We have also spent a good amount of money on our phones, so we want to make sure they are protected. We received these 2 items from Kobert for our phones. 
My husband and boys are super active. They go to the lakes, the springs, they hike and they ride bikes. my husband is always worrying where to put his phone so it will be safe. It winds up in his pocket if he has one, and that is not always a good, or convenient place for it. He uses the Exercise Arm Band all the time now and loves it. The band fits, and stays firmly on his arm. His phone fits well in the band, and it even expands a bit to fit my slightly larger phone when I want to use it. His phone is protected from the elements, and it’s convenient for him to use it. He can even use it right in the case.
The Waterproof case is extremely useful for both of us. We love to go to the beach and lakes, and we worry about dropping accidents in the water, or when he is out on a boat. This waterproof case is water tight, fits any of our phones, and the phone can be used right in the case. We tested this out with paper and put it in a sink of water for several hours. The case stayed air tight, and the paper was completely dry. We will definitely be buying more of these so we each have one for our phones.

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