Great Gifts for Guys: Top Picks for Every Man

Great Gifts for Guys: Top Picks for Every Man
When it comes to buying gifts for men it seems like there’s no one item that’s going to work for every single guy out there. While the man you’re buying for may have very different interests than another, there are some universal gifts that you can give.
Best of all, when you give these sorts of gifts you don’t have to know everything about the guy you’re buying for. Still, these gifts are going to seem somewhat personal, which makes them such great buys.
Use our guide to help you pick out the best gifts for any man in your life.
Cologne is such a personal thing you might be wondering how you can pick it out for a guy. The answer is that most guys just aren’t too aware of the different cologne scents out there and they definitely don’t pay attention to new releases or what’s hot in the fragrance department.
That’s where you can come in handy though. Give the guy you’re buying for a popular and masculine scent and you’ll find that he wears it pretty much all the time. 
If you’re buying for a romantic partner you’ll also get the benefit of them thinking about you every single time they put it on. For most men, a bottle a cologne is going to last at least a year.
Luxury Shaving Supplies
Most men don’t like shaving. Sure, it’s a chore, but mostly they hate it because they use cheap shaving supplies that hurt their face and irritate their skin.
Instead, buy the man you’re shopping for some luxury shaving supplies. A kit that includes a high-quality safety razor with extra blades, shave cream and a quality brush is your best bet. Aftershave is also a good idea.
So not every guy out there drinks, and if you know the man you’re buying for is a teetotaler, you can go ahead and skip this section. However, if you know the guy you’re buying for has a drink from time to time you can be safe giving him scotch, even if you don’t know his preference.
How? Because even if he isn’t a scotch fan he’ll have it on his bar and available for his guests. A good bottle of scotch is always a hit with any man as long as he doesn’t abstain from alcohol altogether.

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