Trust Me Book Review

Jeffrey Fenner’s life is out of control. At the nadir of a rocky, sometimes-up-usually-down career, he has come face to face with his demons: he’s being investigated by the police, he owes money to the wrong people, and he sees an empty future shutting down in front of him. When Jeff hears that his sister Marilyn has committed suicide, he refuses to believe she killed herself and he embarks on a tortuous journey toward self-discovery and redemption . . . and toward the beautiful but troubled Holly Barnes. Holly’s own demons have led her to a self-help cult in Beverly Hills called Saving Our Lives (or, perhaps more appropriately, SOL). Through Holly, Jeff learns of a string of apparent suicides eerily similar to his sister’s, and that Holly is the next target.
I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
This was an interesting book to say the least. The story is dark and twisted and kept me reading even when I should have been doing other stuff. Addiction, suicide and a shadowy villian all are weaved into this story about a brother trying to find out what really happened to his sister. The further into the plot you get, the more chilling and dark the story becomes. I was on the edge of my seat so to speak most of the time I was reading this book. The story starts with a bit of a slow burn, but once everything comes together the story ends fantastically with no loose ends. The characters are very well developed and you will find yourself feeling what they feel, and feeling for them also. I really enjoyed this book and will be checking out this author’s other title too!
About the Author
My first novel, DOWN SOLO, was released in December, 2014. After a long stint trying to make it as a musician in LA and clawing my way up to mid-level management in the chemical entertainment industry (just about killed me), I went back to my first love—writing. I had the good fortune to run into Lou Aronica, my editor at The Story Plant. I work as a proofreader/editor ( I have benefited greatly from classes and private workshops with both Tom Filer and John Daniel at UCLA, as well as Mike Sirota at UCSD. Additionally, I have had several short stories published, including one called Tulips in the anthology Flesh and Hunger.

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