Mission Belt Review

Buy a belt feed a family. It’s that simple. Now you can look good and feel good. The Mission Belt is an evolution in belt design, style and function. The belt is sleek and clean, and provides a perfect fit for everyone. With no holes to stretch or wear over time, your genuine leather belt always looks great. Not only is it the best belt ever manufactured, it’s comfortably priced as well. The tip of the belt inserts into the ratchet belt buckle, where a locking mechanism holds the belt in place from the back. To remove the belt, just press the small metal lever on the bottom of the buckle, and the belt slides out of the buckle. You’re no longer restricted to 1 inch size adjustments, but can get a perfect custom-fit every time. Not only will you look good, you’ll feel good too, because a DOLLAR from every Mission Belt sold goes to help hungry families worldwide become self-sufficient. It’s a hand up and not a handout. 
I received a Mission Belt at no cost in exchange for an honest review. My husband selected the Nylon Commando design.

My Review
I picked this belt for my husband, and it seems I made a good choice. He loves this belt. The Mission Belt has no holes that stretch and tear so he can easily adjust the belt for weight loss or weight gain. He likes the Camo design as it goes with most of what he wears. He is a jeans and t shirts kind of guy so there’s no worry about clashing. The belt is sleek and it isn’t bulky like some belts so he can wear this belt with jeans or slacks and it stays in place and keeps his pants waist where he wants it.

My husband fishes, hikes, rides bikes, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors. This belt has held up wonderfully through all his activity. My husband no longer wants to use any of his old belts and already has several more designs of the Mission Belt picked out. This is a great product and we definitely recommend this belt!

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