Four Travel Tips for an Exceptional Las Vegas Experience

Four Travel Tips for anExceptional Las Vegas Experience

A trip to Las Vegas, Nevada is an unofficial rite of passage
for most Americans, as well as for many folks worldwide. The sensory overload
headquarters of the West offers thrills for all tastes and inclinations, so
make the most of a trip to Sin City by adhering to a few sensible guidelines.

Plan to Beat the Heat

Summertime temperatures can reach 115 degrees. Drinking
plenty of water while you trek from one attraction to another is a key strategy
for enjoying your trip and avoiding dehydration. Keep in mind, however, that
regardless of the season most hotels in Las Vegas
set their casino thermostats at around 60 degrees, so a light jacket might
still be necessary. If you plan to relax poolside, golf or wander up and down
the strip, don’t forget to use plenty of sunscreen — preferably the kind that
doesn’t wear off from perspiration.
Mind the Etiquette of Freemont Street
Freemont Street is the lifeline of Downtown Las Vegas and is
home to a special brand of regional charm in the way of local exhibitionists
dressed up as everything from Batman to Michael Jackson. If you’re walking into
the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino
and you happen to run into the King of Pop, be sure to present a tip if you ask
to have your picture taken with him. This practice is as customary to the area
as adding a gratuity onto your dinner bill or your taxi cab fare.

Avoid Toxic Overload

In addition to dehydration, the Las Vegas landscape presents
other health-related pitfalls. Exposure to cigarettes in gambling areas can
affect those who are sensitive to secondhand smoke. Thankfully several hotels
like the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel offer smoke-free
gambling areas. Another danger is alcohol abuse. Since many of the bars never
close it’s rather easy to overdo it. The day after that bachelor party or
wedding can be pretty brutal, yet Vegas is home to a unique service called
Hangover Heaven, a mobile service that provides IV treatment including
hydration, vitamins, antioxidants and more. So, you can roll out of bed at the Mirage Hotel and Casino looking
pretty wrecked, make a phone call and feel better in no time.

Stay Connected

Paying for a nice vacation might mean you’ll need to stay in touch with the office while you are away. Many hotels offer free high-speed internet, Wi-Fi and even business centers so you can take care of a little work and get back to the business of having fun — so don’t forget your laptop.
Get the most out of your trip to America’s playground. If you’re hydrated, hip to local customs, health-conscious and connected, it will no doubt be a trip to remember.

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