Desolation Sound Book Review

Jack Harris retired to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia to escape his demons. He just wanted a quiet life of fly-fishing, sea kayaking and heavy drinking. Until he finds the 13th severed human foot to wash ashore since 2007, putting Jack back into the game. The RCMP stubbornly claims there are no signs of foul play but as Jack says, “Two feet is an anomaly, three to four statistically curious, six to ten, you have to think dirty. But fourteen feet? Seriously?”
Blond female runners have been disappearing lately in the lower mainland. RCMP corporal Liz MacDonald fits the profile perfectly. Young, good-looking, dedicated long distance runner. She also happens to be the only one convinced that these disappearances are linked to the severed feet, and worse, there is a serial killer involved. She teams up with Jack, an expert in geographic profiling, to catch the killer before he catches her.
This evocative thriller, set in the misty islands of the Pacific Northwest, will keep you on edge until its astonishing conclusion.
I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I love to read a really good, scary whodunit where I am unable to guess at who the who is. This book met that criteria perfectly. This was a twisting and suspenseful story that gave me chills and kept me awake at night a few times. This book was difficult to put down as I just had to know what was happening next in the story. The descriptions of the settings are so vivid you can clearly picture the Vancouver waterways where this tale takes place. The characters a so well developed that you, as the reader, feel like you know them intimately. What makes this book even more chilling is that it’s loosely based on some real life events. If you are looking for a good story that will give you goosebumps this is for you!

Book available on Amazon August 2015!

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