Dantelino Nursing Cover Review

At Dantelino, our love and passion for babies and toddlers drives what we do. Dantelino is founded by myself, Anca, and my beautiful, smart baby boy Danteo. The company is named after my son’s nickname, Dantelino; we offer premium mom and baby products that enhance the pleasure of raising children from bump to baby and beyond. Our mission is to play a small, but unforgettable role in your and your baby’s journey through this new, exciting chapter of your lives.
I received this Dantelino Mambo Nursing Cover at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I got this item for a friend who is having a baby next month and planning on breast feeding. The quality of this cover is amazing. The fabric is soft and comfortable, it has a little pocket to keep a washcloth handy, and the strap is adjustable so you get the perfect fit. The fabric is very breathable so you don’t feel like you are “hiding” or “smothering baby when feeding and the neck is wide so you can see baby the whole time easily. The design is beautiful and is perfect for a boy or girl. The cover folds up nicely and will fit in a small purse or diaper bag with ease. This cover can aslo double as a lightweight stroller and car seat cover. This is really the must have perfect baby shower gift!

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