16 Things to Pack for Your Trip to Sorrento

16 Things to Pack for Your Trip to Sorrento
Located in southeast Italy facing the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a charming town perched on the side of the cliffs. It offers spectacular views of the Piazza Tasso and of Mount Vesuvius across the bay. It’s one of the top places to vacation in Italy, and there is a wide variety of accommodation from luxury hotels such as the Hotel Prestige as well as affordable hotel options in Sorrento. If you are making a trip to Sorrento, you may appreciate a list of 16 things you don’t want to forget.
1. For any trip abroad, make sure you have copies of all of your travel documents. You can carry photos of them on your phone or keep them in your email account that you can access online.
2. Make sure you have all the emergency information you need in your phone or purse. If you have hard copies, put them in different places. 
3. Be sure to take any prescription medications you need as well as the prescription from your doctor. You should also take some non-prescription pain killers. Keep these medications in your carryon and not your checked luggage. 
4. Wear a money belt under your clothing where you put your money, credit cards, passport and anything else you want to protect that you won’t be using that day.
5. Bring a refillable water bottle. There is good drinking water at public fountains where you can refill your bottle, and you’ll save a lot on buying water as well as reduce your travel carbon footprint.
6. Pack a few different sizes of Zip-Lock plastic bags. They are useful for keeping a wet swimming suit as well as laundry that didn’t completely dry. 
7. Bring a travel clothesline. When you wash your underwear or socks, you’ll be glad you don’t have to hand them on lampshades or the backs of chairs. 
8. Bring a sweater or light jacket for cool evenings and for entering some churches. Many have restrictions on bare shoulders and short skirts. A scarf or shawl will also work.
9. Hand sanitizer is very convenient when you want to eat but have no access to water. It’s also a good idea to use it after traveling on public transportation. 
10. Take some books on an electronic device. It’s a light and convenient way to always have something to read.
11. Comfortable shoes, because it’s much better to see the sights on foot, but you don’t want your feet to get tired. Remember there are a lot of steep streets to climb in Sorrento. 
12. An empty backpack will come in handy at the end of your trip when you have souvenirs and gifts that don’t fit into your luggage. 
13. A plug adapter will be required for a laptop, cell phone or charger for your camera. The adapter will allow you to use your regular plug in Italy’s outlets. 
14. Bring your own mobile phone and get a local sim card for Italy. 
15. Hat, sunglasses and sunblock.
16. If you’re traveling in the off season, bring a small umbrella. 
Sorrento is a city for walking. You’ll enjoy the many narrow streets in the historical center as well as the walks near the two main marinas. The main thing to remember is to pack as little as possible. This makes traveling light.

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